Kick Soccer Leagues – The Competition

Development. Fun. Fair play.

Kick Soccer Leagues provide a variety of leagues aimed at helping players of all ages and skill level develop their soccer talent, enjoy the game, and learn good sportsmanship. To pursue these objectives we offer different types of leagues and formats, ranging from 3v3 youth play to 11v11 adult play, both indoor and outdoor.

Here are some of our most popular formats:

No Goalie


One of the most popular small-sided soccer formats, our 3v3 soccer is an extremely fast-paced game with its own special rules, requiring individual skill, teamwork, and frequent substitutions. The game has become so popular that it has its own regional and national championships.


Like 3v3, our 4v4 leagues are played without keepers, but eliminates the special rules of the 3v3 game in favor of traditional soccer rules. 4v4 soccer is a superb option for young developing players, since it emphasizes touches on the ball, passing, and scoring, without complicated rules.

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Small Sided


This is the classic small-sided soccer game popularized by futsal, but also played on grass or turf with a soccer ball and soccer rules. Kick Soccer 5v5 is played with a keeper, and requires skill on the ball, quick passing, movement off of the ball, attacking skill, and often tactical rotation of players on offense and defense.

6v6 (7v7)

A popular variation on the 5v5 game, our 6v6 and 7v7 leagues are also played with a keeper and begin to introduce a variety of formations employing defensive, midfield, and attacking positions (2-2-1, 2-1-2, 3-2, etc). 6v6 is an excellent format for introducing positional play to developing players.

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Large Sided


Our 9v9 leagues are the format of choice for players ages 9-12, as they are beginning the transition to the full-sided 11v11, and therefore need the larger field, expanding their field of vision and range of play, while still getting frequent touches on the ball.


Our 11v11 soccer for older youth and adults provides the joy of soccer to those who want the unadulterated full-sided game that is the most popular sport worldwide.

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